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In response to our members' desire for more diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the practice, we've launched Have You Heard?, a digital platform focused on reducing systemic and organizational barriers.

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Knowledge You Want

It's the information you might not have considered. The best practices you may not know. All those things that may be unheard of to you - all in one place.

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Tools You Need

A place to share ideas and materials so we can turn productive discussion into productive action.

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Care You Provide

These tools and this knowledge will give you a deeper understanding of the impact of culture, and help you better connect with clients, patients, and students.

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We know there isn't a single formula for advancing DEI. However, we believe that openly sharing our knowledge, strategies, and successes—in a spirit of collaboration—will allow us all to achieve goals faster than any of us could do on our own.

This platform can help you

  • share the hard work you've been doing;
  • get new ideas from others, so we can build on our shared knowledge rather than working in silos and reinventing the wheel;
  • create a culture of accountability and open dialogue; and
  • create workplaces and learning communities that are spaces of belonging for our diverse society.

Share Your Initiative

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